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In-Hospital Resuscitation 

Build a solid foundation for your team to handle an in-hospital canine/feline resuscitation. These dynamic events demand a high level of communication, team work and precision - develop a plan and grow your teams confidence! Efficiently identify an arrest, assign roles, and provide BLS and ALS treatment. Whether your team is three or 20, this course will empower all levels of staff to calmly and effectively handle a resuscitation event. 

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  • Prepare crash carts

  • Understand & create client DNR options

  • Build resuscitation work-flows for scenarios like no-owner-found, open vs. closed resuscitation, and more!


This course will provide guidance on assembling crash carts specific to your clinics size and abilities. We will discuss how to talk to clients about DNR options, as a precaution or in the moment. We will give guidelines on SOP development for various resuscitation events.

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  • Reduce panic & increase collaboration

  • Understand & assign each role during a resuscitation

  • Establish clear, closed-loop communication

  • Give and receive feedback during a stressful event

Your staff will run through several controlled resuscitation practices using our advanced canine & feline CPR dummies. Get practice assigning and working roles, communicating, problem solving & refining teamwork. 

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Course Details

In-Hospital Resuscitation course runs $1695 for up to 20 students. This course includes approx one hour of instruction, one hour of hands-on practice, and resuscitation packet (SOP samples, crash cart documents, and workflow charts). 

Only available for in-person instruction at this time.

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