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Our mission is to broaden pet education programs to reduce animal suffering and improve the human-animal connection. Our vision is a world where humans and animals live in harmony.


  • What will I learn in a pet first aid course?

    Our pet first aid courses are built to educate pet owners and pet pros & make them feel confident acting in case of various medical emergencies. Our information covers adult cats and dogs. ​ Each topic is discussed in steps: 1.defining the medical emergency 2.how to recognize it 3.how to prevent it (if possible) 4.how to treat it 5.what to expect at the vet. Check out each courses syllabus on their respective pages. Our courses do not cover every possible medical condition. Students should triage their pets based on information provided, their best judgment and common sense and understand that disease physiology is complex. A veterinarian is the ultimate source of information for pet health.

  • Will I be certified in pet first aid & CPR?

    Pet owners will receive a certificate of completion. Each level of Pet Professional course require a passing grade of 80% or more to receive certificate. All certificates are good for two years at which point we recommend re-taking the course to stay up-to-date on information and skills.

  • Can I get CE credit?

    CE credit is available ONLY FOR OUR PET PROFESSIONAL 1-3 BUNDLE. We offer 3 CE credits through CCPDT. We can also offer NADOI & PPAB CE. Other programs may be pending. Please send us an email to request these credits or inquire about other groups. Have a request for another source? Let us know and we can apply!

  • Can I request a hands-on class in my city?

    Absolutely! Just send us an email - we love going to new places!

  • I need to contact the course creator!

    Sure! Send us an email at [email protected]

  • I have other pet health questions.

    Please get in contact with your veterinarian!


Content Developer/Instructor Madison Warner

Maddie's career began working as a veterinary technician at general practice and emergency vet clinics. After eight years in veterinary medicine she became an NREMT-A/firefighter, and K9 handler for FEMA's USAR teams. She began teaching pet first aid in 2018 & has worked numerous pet-industry jobs such as daycare technician, bather, walker/hiker, pet sitter and more. She also has several years of pet services business management experience. She has a Bachelors Degree in Emergency Management & her certifications include: ACVECC BLS & ALS CPR, NREMT-A & TECC, VTG T3C, FEMA IS-10a and many more. Maddie is a member of IACP, WPA, & is pursuing additional industry certifications and a Masters in Emergency Management. About these certifications & memberships: ACVECC CPR - https://veccs.org/recover-cpr/# VTG - https://www.vettacgroup.com NREMT - https://www.nremt.org/AEMT/Certification (human care) TECC - https://www.naemt.org/education/tecc (human care) FEMA IS Courses - https://training.fema.gov/is IACP - https://iacpdogs.org WPA - https://www.worldpetassociation.org