Protecting Your Pets from Electrical Injuries

Protecting Your Pets from Electrical Injuries

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     Veterinarian practices see countless cases of electrical injuries every year, unfortunately. Accidents are expected but with prevention they don’t have to occur. PETCORDS help minimize electrical dangers in the household by offering a second barrier of defense against pets chewing on cables. PETCORDS is an unscented, flexible cord protector that fits seamlessly onto any household cable. This USA-made cord protector comes with a pre-cut slit which makes applying the product on tv cables, appliance cables, iPhone charging cables, etc. quick and easy.

      Dogs, cats, bunnies and other small critters have an inclination to chew on electrical cables due to their attraction to the heat that radiates from the cords, boredom and stress. When pets chew on these electrical cables, they can intercept the electric flow causing a short circuit and possible electrocution. PETCORDS can help safety proof homes by adding an extra protective barrier onto electrical cables around the house that pets can get access to. For over 7 years now, PETCORDS have successfully protected and saved pets from electrical dangers within the home.

Prevention is truly the best medicine however if your pet does suffer an electrical injury, here are some steps to take. 

  1. Protect yourself first. If an animal goes unconscious while chewing on an electrical cord, do not touch them directly! You could be seriously injured by electrical currents. Safely unplug the cord or switch off the electricity at the panel before helping your pet. 

  2. Assess if they are breathing and have a heart beat. Observe their chest for rise and fall and feel on their ribcage just behind the elbows to check for a heart beat. If neither of these are present, begin CPR.

  3. If your pet received burns from the electrical wires, do not place a bandage, wash or otherwise try to treat these at home. Simply take your pet to the emergency vet for treatment. Burns are extremely painful and can easily become infected so they must receive veterinary care!

     Keep your pets safe from electrical injuries by pet-proofing your home! For more information on pet first aid & CPR and how to treat electrical injuries, enroll in a pet first aid & CPR course with Ready Pet Education! 

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