2024 Content Update Summary

2024 Content Update Summary

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This post summarizes the content development & updates for 2024. 

Our content is updated and veterinary reviewed once per calendar year with new content being released in Q1 of year. We do this to add new topics, details or interactive items & to ensure that our instruction stays up-to-date with the latest evidence-based practices. As a reminder, we suggest that all students take the course every two years to capture these updates & keep the material fresh in their minds. 

New Topics:

Assessing capillary refill on animals with pigmented gums

Emergency Action Plan for pet businesses

General water safety (moved to its own topic instead of remaining within prevention)

Dry drowning

Water intoxication

Diabetic emergencies

Electrical cord safety 

Ear hematomas

Soft tissues strains & sprains


General review (sentence structure, grammar, flow, image & video updates/additions)

Factors that influence the outcome of a health emergency 

Guidelines for withholding CPR

Agonal breathing in cardiac & respiratory emergencies

Assessing dehydration in gastrointestinal upset

Additional plants added to poisonous houseplant list

Treatment & outcome sections for all topics

Defining "heat stress" vs. "hyperthermia"

At-home wound care 

Please reference the course page to view a syllabus and understand which course would be the best for you. Not all topics are included in each course level. For other questions, comments or concerns, please email us at [email protected]

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