Pet Business Consulting
Emergency preparedness + planning for pet businesses, rescues/shelters, & non-profits of all sizes
  • How do you safely evacuate a shelter full of pets in case of a fire or CO alarm?

  • What is your protocol for dog fights?

  • How do you quarantine a dog showing signs of Parvo? 

  • What are the strengths/weaknesses of your SOG/SOPs?

  • Does your staff know where your first aid kits are?

  • Does your business have a disaster kit?

Our Process


We meet with key stakeholders & tour your facility, review any existing plans/SOPs/SOGs, walk through a typical day of operations, discuss past issues and pain points.


We review & draft your operations evaluation


Follow up meeting (or call) to discuss evaluation, easy fixes, long term planning & staff training.


Delivery of final emergency preparedness, risk mitigation, and staff training plans.

Evaluations take two to three hours per site depending on size of location, draft delivery in approx one week and follow up call/finalization within month of initial meeting.


Non-profit and class-pairing discounts available.